What should I do in the event of a breakdown?
PULL OVER as soon as possible as continued operation of an impaired vehicle is not covered under our program and locate your nearest repair facility.
Do I have more than one claims option?
There is a standard claims procedure and an express claims procedure.
Whats the difference between the standard claims procedure and the express claims procedure?
With the standard claims procedure, Total360 pays for covered truck repairs directly to the repair facility. With the express procedure, customer can pay for repairs in full and TOTAL360 can reimburse customer within ___ days if all the required documentation is obtained and the repair was covered under the signed agreement.
Where can I find the full claims procedures
The full documents are linked here: LINK
Does my truck qualify for coverage?
If your truck is 30 years or newer in age and has no pre-existing issues, we have you covered!
What is the inspection process for TOTAL360™?
There is no inspection required for TOTAL360™!